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Additional Revenue Streams on your radar?

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Predictable recurring revenue streams that provide the highest quality products while transforming health…YES PLEASE! Using the latest in e-commerce we can help you get products to market and help you sell them (or enhance what you are already doing) in 60 days! In fact…we are obsessed! After successfully launching over 67 supplement brands that together have generated well over 4 million dollars in sales (in 12 months) we know we can help you get obsessed with e-commerce too!

Ready to Add More Traffic to Your Business?

Running a heart centered practice while also mastering sales and marketing is hard. Most health entrepreneurs cringe at the thought. But, when you can show up authentically, attract your ideal clients, provide them with the solution they really want…it’s more like magnetic attraction! We know your heart and desire for impact lead the way, we just like when you are doing it right and making the money you deserve!

your ideal patients

“It’s time to rise up, play full out and amplify your voice so you can inspire, educate and heal your community. If you are ready to ditch the overwhelm and frustration of running a business and want to make a bigger impact so you can have the financial freedom you deserve, you need a strategic plan, and you need a team that can help implement it. “

– Brandy Kinnear

Why Choose Us?

We know that no two practices are the same and that in order to look like the expert that you are online as well as offline, you need a customized approach to marketing and a growth plan that suits you. We focus on what’s working now, latest trends, tools and strategies for growth in the natural health industry.

Don’t get left behind, your business depends on you working on it not just in it!



You can’t feel successful about what you are doing if you don’t have a clear set of goals to work toward and metrics to evaluate your efforts.



Trading time for money? Making sure what you offer to your ideal patients is congruent with what they want and being able to communicate it…is a game changer.



Having solid strategies to attract, convert and retain patients is often missing in natural health practices. We find your gaps and fix them!

Over 1,000 Happy Practitioners

your ideal patients

Having the great pleasure of working with so many practitioners doing amazing things in this industry, we know together we can amplify the awareness of natural health to the masses. We are ok with being called a secret weapon but you shouldn’t be!

The time to play full out is NOW!

We Can Help


Have an online store that provides you with predictable recurring revenue each and every month that you can scale! 


Look like a pro online and be positioned as the expert that you truly are. Appearances do matter. Ask us about our Brand Authority Program!


Use the latest strategies to grow traffic to your practice. From social media to organic traffic to paid traffic, we have you covered.


Having a solid email marketing plan and being consistent with high quliaty professional emails weekly, you will see a change in your retention, growth and revenue!


Whether you need content for emails, social media, website, podcasts, radio shows and more…we have been writing professionally researched, evidence based content for over 7 years!


Automate your business and have one tool that will streamline operations, manage leads, email marketing, social media, manage sales, chat, sms and more! Ask us about FMA Marketing.

Meet Brandy

Hi, I’m Brandy Kinnear, Founder of Your Ideal Patients and a sarcastic, honest, no nonsense expert in digital marketing & business growth. I’ve spent the last 15 years helping practitioners and companies in the natural health industry shift from overwhelmed to being excited about their business, and their financial future. The people I work with are experts in healing, passionate about amplifying their voice, their brand and making a bigger impact with the work they do, they just aren’t always sure how to get there.

After spending 9 years in a large integrative practice and growing it to a 7 figure business, (before anyone even knew about Functional Medicine/natural health) I had the great pleasure of learning about natural approaches to healing (was able to heal my own health issue) and was instrumental in bringing leading edge modalities to the practice. I was blessed to be able to spend time to deeply understand the needs of the patients, how to provide them a solution they wanted and sell high ticket programs that got amazing results everyday.

After working with so many amazing companies and practitioners in the space, I have a unique 30,000 ft view of what is working and more often then not…what’s missing in a successful business.

ARE YOU READY TO MAKE A BIGGER IMPACT, additional revenue streams that drive profits, attract clients you LOVE and be excited about what the future has in store for you? Let’s chat!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Brandy and her team helped me successfully launch our own supplement line. The power of this goes beyond income as it strengthens our brand in our community. Authority and branding are more important than ever in today’s world, and we have certainly increased ours through our private label supplement line. Thank you Brandy and team!

– Dr. Kyle K

“Brandy’s strategy and experience in the Integrative Health industry really allowed us to create a focused plan, attract our ideal clients and build new verticals for our business that generated multiple 6 figures! She is really ahead of the curve and we have become fast friends!”

- Ehab Mekhail BS.c

Compounding Pharmacist

“Brandy has done it again, this Virtual health program has helped me reach way more people in a short time, provide tons of value and care (my clients love it)that honestly I’ve been struggling with trying to do online for years. I’m making money online now and moving my clients to my one-on-one time easily because they believe in what I can do for them! Thanks Brandy and team!

– Dr. Amanda T


Brandy and her team are incredible! They made everything happen for me so fast, without any headache. I was able to expedite my supplement line launch only because of their massive efforts. A+++ recommendation!

– Sarah Hoffman

“Just say ‘yes’ to working with Brandy at Your Ideal Patients because marketing-done-for-you is the best gift you can give yourself! I hired her team to create some materials for us that allowed us to launch in about 75% of the time it normally takes and without all the tech headaches. I loved the professional and custom-branded design of the webinar, social media posts, emails and the videos were fabulous. She’s a ‘one-stop-shop’ and after using her team for 3 launches I can’t wait for all the fun online adventures we have to come – I feel like I have a marketing agency in my back pocket!”

– Dr. Brandy Zachary


“From Digital Courses to membership sites to online marketing, Brandy brings not only knowledge and skill to the table, she is also super passionate about growing awareness to natural medicine and helping the profession. She is a rare find!”

– Dr. Eric Marsden


“Brandy and her team helped me develop a summit that literally had my entire community engaged and it made a big bang in my marketing, my brand and my practice, just like she said it would! I love summits, Brandy knocked it out of the park!!

– Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp


“Your ideal patients has been a tremendous asset to us over the years. We have always been able to turn to them for quality educational content and tweak it to make it our own— blog posts, social media content, webinars etc. They have been able to provide us with quality content consistently and continuously keep their finger on the pulse of what the public is looking for. Our community always loves their content. It has been a relief having a marketing agency that understands how to market holistic medicine. I highly recommend Brandy & Your Ideal Patients!”

– Dr. Shayna P

The Fast Track Program is the real deal!!! Brandy and her team did everything for us and now I can’t keep my products in stock!! We are an even bigger pillar in the community and we are so excited!

– Dr. Omar C

“For me it was amazing to find someone who both understands natural medicine, the entire industry, the wants and needs of the customers and how to create a profitable practice. Let’s face it, business isn’t my forte, medicine is! Brandy has been key in all aspects of my practice and I’m so thankful she found me!”

– Dr. Andrew W.


“Brandy’s social media strategy, focused plan for lead capture and brand awareness really helped us to get organized, have measurable indicators of success and know where to put our efforts. She knows the medicine, she understands the doctors and is on top of the latest in marketing.”

– Elena Fastro

Director of Operations

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Free Guide to Creating a Successful Supplement Line

Want to learn how to launch your own supplements so you can avoid making costly mistakes and wasting time? We’ve put all our top tips in this guide for you!