While I’m not a fan of discounting one-on-one time – because we all know it often doesn’t bring in the right clients – missing out on Black Friday sales can be a big mistake if you’re looking to infuse your business with some sales in a short time period.

Do you sell physical products? Do you have digital products? Do you sell an in person program? But Brandy, what if I only sell one-on-one services?

Regardless of what category above you fit in, offering a deal for Black Friday sales can become a part of your annual marketing plan, and there is no better time to start than right now!


Why are Black Friday Sales So Important? 

It is a simple truth that people are literally expecting to save during this time. Black Friday has become ingrained in our cycle of expenditure, and that holds true even in the natural health industry. It is quite likely that you have people on the fence, waiting to get started with you or your company and needing an extra nudge to help them get there.


5 Ways to Make the Most of the Marketing Season

So how can you capitalize on this “marketing season” without giving away your highly coveted time?


1 – Offer a Bonus

My favourite thing to do is offer a bonus along with a full-price service. What do you already have that would add value to people who take action during this short time period? Perhaps you have written a book, created an online course, or commissioned some company swag.


2 – Give a Gift

Is there an appropriate product you can buy and give to them in the form of a gift? Here is a chance to take a step back and ask yourself what it’s worth to acquire a new customer.

You could add in a cool tech gadget for health tracking – think Fitbit or blood glucose monitoring tool. Or perhaps a journal to track their health goals or maybe a couple of your favorite motivating/inspiring books. Sharing your favorite organic skin care or bath products that you could have made into a gift bag if a great option as well.


3 – Cross-Promote With Another Local Business

Speaking of gifts and other businesses, Black Friday is a great time to cross-promote! Ideas are flowing out of me like a river right now…

What if it was a collection of educational masterclasses you offer that are taught by other people (think other experts in different businesses). Ok more: A gift card for another business that serves similar clients but does different things. Or maybe a gift card to a local grass fed farm or a farmers box…the ideas could go on for days.

The bottom line is…the bonus doesn’t have to be something you have, offer or own. You could get a discount from someone else in exchange for promotion, or simply buy it yourself and gift it as part of your offer. 

Easy and fun, right?


4 – Discount Your Physical Products

Do you sell physical products in your business? Well, offering a discount or putting together a bundle are great ways to use them for a promotion. You could even do a Buy one Get one offer (BOGO). 

Remember, the key is volume- make people feel happy buying from you and don’t get too caught up in the revenue you’re missing out on by offering the sale. Having customers feel like they got a great deal from you is all part of the overall client experience with your company.

Also a great time to introduce a new product at a Black Friday Sales price!


5 – Add Something to Your Online Products

Do you sell online products?  Perhaps you’ve built a course or have recordings from past webinars? What else can you package in here?

A straight-up course discount is popular and easy to do – but you could also just add more value and keep the price the same!


Group or One-on-One Time

Think about the value it would add to your product if you included a live group coaching call on a specific topic for anyone that buys. Or even a one-on-one chat if that’s something you do.


Pro Marketing Tips:

  • Launch from your promo should take place across all of your marketing channels – email, social media, in clinic – everywhere!
  • Available only for a short time period to add scarcity.
  • Using terms like “Limited Time”, “Limited Availability”, “First xxx people to buy…” – all work wonders in consumer behaviour and taking fast action.


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