Omnipresence is all about being seen everywhere, at all times and at the same time.

All great companies in the world have reached omnipresence and so have the most successful health practitioners! They are niched down, showing up and marketing to their ideal clients and having major success because of it.

This year more than ever we’ve been faced with unprecedented changes. Although many are focused on saving and keeping their heads down – you need to be out there growing, trying new methods of attracting clients and being the practitioner that’s top of mind once your clients realize they need to get their health back on track.

To do this you need to be ready and willing to explore and invest in several methods of marketing, say yes to new opportunities and commit to getting yourself out there. Once you feel out what works best and what methods attract and retain the most clients, you can focus in and really grow your practice.

Content Marketing


Creating content is a typical barrier for most practitioners but when you have a focused plan for content creation, you will see that it’s not as much work as you really think.

Some top tips:

  • Repurpose any existing content you may already have. Break articles down into bite sized chunks and those can be your social media posts.
  • Create new content by thinking about all your most frequently asked questions. Create a short video for each one.
  • Like to write? Write an article every month and take shorter posts out of the article, make videos on the topic and post them all up in advance by using a scheduling tool like or Facebook’s own Facebook Creator Studio.

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Ever go to buy something online and stop before you complete the purchase because the doorbell rings, your child needs your help or you just spilled your coffee on your favourite shirt? 

Been there and done that more times than I care to admit! But for the next several days you keep seeing ads from that company wherever you go online. You can do that too…it’s called retargeting.

Set up retargeting ads on Facebook by creating an audience of people that view your content on your social media and/or your website and offer them a chance to get started with you by serving them up an ad for $10/day. People need multiple touch points with your brand before they are ready to say YES! Omnipresence is key to getting there.

Relationship Marketing


The lost art of networking that has literally changed many businesses for centuries is not hard to do or out of your hands when it comes to online marketing. You just need a good plan.

Research local businesses that would share a similar audience to the one you’d like to be in front of and offer your wisdom up in the form of an online webinar or masterclass. 

Create a compelling relevant topic and help your fellow business owner add more value to their clients with your free education. Example: My Top 10 Tips to Manage Stress without Popping Pills!

Don’t stop there, research podcasts, radio shows, online brands and influencers you want to collaborate with and reach out. This outreach is basically like being your own PR expert and with a little bit each week, you will soon see that you are in control of creating your own opportunities when you are focused on the plan.

Pro tip:

  • Have something of value to offer during these free educational opportunities so you can capture email addresses of the people you are in front of and continue to nurture them. It’s no longer cool to go and do a free talk without having a lead generation tool so you can keep the conversation going.

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The time to pivot and adapt is now. You need to be a top of mind health practitioner for your clients. You need to be omnipresent