Can showing up on Facebook Live really grow your business?

The answer is yes! 

Did you know live video is highly favoured by the Facebook and Instagram algorithm? Even if your audience tunes in for a few minutes or seconds it boosts the amount your video will get seen on others feeds! But there’s more to live video than just the algorithm…

Live video can be a powerful tool that can help answer questions, meet the needs of your clients, solve problems and offer up value in a convenient live format. 

Getting on live video to your audience has the ability to scale your practice by getting you seen everywhere, your practice is no longer limited to the area that you live in. You can build authority using video, provide education, and the best part is you can repurpose content to make it an almost effortless part of your marketing plan.

But the number one thing live video does is it helps build community, especially at this time where in-person education or in-person talks might be limited. Individuals are always looking for that community feel and you can attract patients to both in-person practices and online programs by getting on live video.

The goal is to always increase that know, like and trust factor – important for building deeper relationships with your clients. They get to see you. They get to interact with you, and perhaps even see some behind the scenes of things that are going on in your personal life as well.


Tips for Going Live to Grow Your Brand Organically


Create a Formula 

Create a short script for how your live videos will unfold. For example, you always want to start with sharing your why, remember people buy from people. There’s a lot of individuals probably doing the exact same thing as you and the information that you’re sharing is probably ready and available or even for free on the internet – what makes you different and what information can you share about yourself that will resonate with a potential new client?

Next, you want to share your unique value – how you help others (i.e I help postpartum women balance their hormones so they can get back to feeling their best)  

Then, get to the topic of your video and be sure to end with a call to action (more on that below)

Repeat this every time.


Stay Focused and Relax

Does the thought of live video make you nervous? Do you hate public speaking and feel like you’ll be judged?

Try to remember that it’s not necessarily about you, it’s about your message and helping others. So take yourself out of it, get rid of some of those fears that you have and know that if you just help one person with that video, then you’ve done a service.

Consider going live a few times in a collaborative way – reach out to a practitioner outside of your niche to interview and teach your audience on a topic they might be interested in.


Repurpose Content

If you already have content in the form of blogs or social media posts, for instance, you can use that same content in a live video format to attract more people to watch and hear what you have to say.

Don’t worry about being repetitive. In marketing we have the rule of seven: prospects need to hear your message at least seven times before they’ll take action.

So if you have content in the form of static posts, maybe blog posts, adding in video content is a great way to have your audience see you and hear your message and what you’re selling more often. Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself. If you feel like you are saying the same thing over and over again, that’s okay. Think of how many times you’ve mentioned a topic on your socials only to be asked the same questions over and over? What may seem repetitive content to you may be new to a new prospective client.


Be Consistent

People love consistency. Pick a time and day that you want to consistently show up on live video and stick to it!

Be sure to survey your ideal clients and check your audience insights for the best time to show up on video to get the most views. Are they busy during the day? Choose evenings. Are they likely free mid-day? Go live at noon!


Have a Call to Action

Live video is a great form of lead magnet. Having something to offer up at the end of your video is key. 

You can grow your email list by having your audience drop their email in the comments or have them sign up to your list by following a link, offer a free discovery call, share a link to your newest program or services offering, or simply ask them a question and have them leave responses in the comments so you can keep the conversation going.

Remember, even if people don’t show up LIVE they can watch the replay and still comment which will help with ongoing organic exposure on Facebook. So don’t get discouraged by numbers but instead focus on the message you want to share with the world and the impact your message can make.



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