It can be frustrating when you onboard a new patient, spend countless energy and time with them only for them to not follow up and continue.

Constantly looking for new patients is a hamster wheel no one wants to be on. 

Working deeper with less patients that are engaged, do the work, trust your care and are willing to spend more to get the transformation they need…is smart business.

Often times, practitioners find themselves trying to juggle too much, seeing too many patients with all kinds of problems and hardly getting paid – in other words headed straight for burnout.

You need to be offering a framework for care. Selling your solution not just your initial intake and ongoing follow ups.

People want to know that you have the right process to take them through that will ensure they can achieve the results they want. When you clearly define what that roadmap looks like, you have people buying into something with clarity on what is involved and get the right commitment that generates higher quality patients that you WANT to work with.

Creating one or two programs that you can promote makes your marketing life easier too. Remember you can’t sell everything to everyone. Getting clear and focussed on what you can do for others, messaging around how you do it and then presenting it to the world is package for success not just for you but for your patients too. You can scale a business with only focusing on one or two offers, in fact I recommend it! 

Here are some things to consider before you start offering programs in your practice:

Establish your values

How much time do you want to commit to your practice? How much money do you want to be making? Do you want to run programs with personalized accountability or guided apps? Are you more into in-person or virtual follow up sessions? Figure out a roadmap of exactly how you want your practice to run year long and what you need to implement to avoid burnout. 

Find your niche

Pull from your past experiences and offer a program within your chosen niche. Niching down will help you focus and be the expert your ideal clients are searching for.

How do you find your niche? 

Think about what you’re most passionate about, who you enjoy working with the most and the problem you want to solve and have solved the most in your practice!

Add value 

Offer tiered programs to match the client you’re serving and meet them where they are at. In each tier offer more services, more accountability and more of your time but be sure not to undervalue your time. Assign a value to your programs knowing that your client or patient will more likely fully commit to a program they have invested into. Make sure to set expectations of what they need to do to reach their goals and what you will be doing to help them get there.

Not sure where to get started with offering programs in your practice? Maybe you need help getting clear on how to package what you do? Let’s chat and see if some strategic consulting is right for you!