Video content is the most consumed content on the planet, but most of us go into a tailspin just thinking about creating it! All these thoughts creep up like: Will I be judged? (Yeah, you probably will — that’s what putting yourself out there is all about); Will my peers disagree with me? (They might, but, honestly, who cares? They will not become your patients and this isn’t about them); How do I look, what should I say…what if people don’t like the videos?

These are all completely valid questions that every true thought leader goes through at times. So don’t worry, it’s completely normal to feel like this. What’s not OK is to play small, to keep your wisdom to yourself, and to keep yourself from impacting more lives by staying quiet and off-camera.


Having a Video Marketing Strategy can Increase the Impact of Your Brand

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I get great pleasure from chatting every day with doctors like you who feel the same way. When we discuss the value of videos, what they can do for your brand, your practice, and your impact, we usually reach a consensus that the scary feelings need to be set aside to let the greater purpose prevail!

You see videos are a way to build a relationship with potential clients before they even engage with you. How else can you warm them up help them understand what you do, what you are passionate about, how you can help them if you can’t educate them? It also stops a lot of the “need to sell what you do” when you first meet them at the sometimes awkward first appointment.

Videos are also the most consumed content on the planet…so there’s that! 

Videos get more views than regular social media posts, they stop people from scrolling if they are done right and let’s face it, they also enhance awareness to natural medicine which in the long run enhances the entire profession which to me is key.


How To Make A Video That Connects With Your Audience

Here are my top 10 ways to get camera-ready, content-strong and super-confident so that you can also take advantage of the abundance of marketing opportunities available using video.


1 – Take Inspiration From Your Patients’ Questions

Make a list of the most frequently asked questions that your patients bring to you. These questions let you know the “must-have” content that your audience needs.


2 – Bust Some Myths

Make a list of the preconceived notions and myths people have about what you do or about their health concerns. These misconceptions can form the basis of more amazing content.


3 – Ensure Your Lighting is Good

Now make yourself camera-ready. Use your cell phone camera to film, and make sure you have good lighting. I recommend a ring light – either a desktop version or a standing one, or you can sit in front of a sunny window.


4 – Use Talking Points to Guide You

Put your talking points up on the wall where you can see them. Reading from a script tends to look less natural, but having some central talking points will help you get the info out in the right order without seeming robotic.


5 – Know Who You’re Talking to

Pretend you are talking to a patient in your office when you record. Literally imagine they are sitting across from you, just behind your phone.


6 – Multiple Takes are Just Fine

Record, delete, record delete – the third time is usually a charm. If you can bang out work you are proud of on the first take, that’s a bonus, but most of us don’t and that’s OK.


7 – Get Your Energy Flowing

Get some energy in your body before you start recording. Do some jumping jacks or a short workout, take a quick walk, do whatever works to get you “juiced up.” That will help you come across more energetic and confident.


8 – Be Yourself

Keep your shoulders back, smile, and remember that people buy people. They want to resonate with you before purchasing, so being boring, quiet and lacking in confidence will not be a selling feature.


9 – Ensure Your Sound is Good

Speak up and use a microphone or AirPods to make sure you are not ending up with a lot of background noise.


10 – Keep Videos Short and Sweet

Videos that drag on are not getting watched, so keep them short for maximum impact.


How to Properly Incorporate a Call-to-Action

Lastly, remember to have a call to action at the end of some of your videos — but not all of them. I believe people need to deliver value a few times first before asking for anything from their viewers. So keep a “3 x deliver / 1 x ask” ratio and make sure that the video where you ask for something is clear and simple: Book a call, let’s chat, or click the link below to get started.

You can, however, have calls to action in your other videos that don’t ask for a sale such as: Tell me in the comments what you would do in this case, or what your routine is, or how you manage x. Or you could ask your viewers to share a video with someone that needs to see it, etc. The key point is that people need simple directions to follow.


Creating Video For Your Brand Gets Easier the More You Do It.

No matter where you are stalled in your video content creation process, just remember it gets easier as you go. You don’t have to look perfect, and you don’t have to say everything perfectly. In fact the latest trends are towards imperfection, being more real, and seeming approachable. Just please don’t be boring!

And when you are done creating those videos and you want to know how to repurpose them across all your channels, lets’ talk! We have a strategy we use with our clients that is simple and repeatable so you aren’t spending all your time making content!

Happy video making!


As always if you need help, reach out by jump on a free 20-minute chat where I’m happy to jam on your marketing and provide you with some advice.