With every sales call you get on there is a system you can adhere to that will guarantee one of two things:

  1. You eliminate someone that is not a good fit, or
  2. You can clearly bring someone who needs what you offer to a decision.

Sales often gets a bad rap in the natural health industry because practitioners feel like selling themselves is less than genuine. But selling yourself doesn’t have to be an overwhelming feeling of despair.

We can all agree that even if you are getting warm referrals from people you’ve already helped…if you can’t sell the right thing to the right person at the right time they will take their biz elsewhere and you will feel like a leaky bucket while your schedule has holes like a slice of Swiss cheese.

Sales is simply moving people from where they are now to where they want to be. Understanding the sales process and being able to move people through it will make all the difference.

Here are some top tips for creating the right sales conversations in your practice!

1 – Understand their current pain

Ask questions to unearth what is holding them back from getting to where they want to be. What do they believe to be true about their current situation and how do they feel about it.

2 – Is there a sense of urgency?

Find out how the last 30 days has been for them to uncover the urgency of their situation.

3 – Have empathy and be a good listener

It’s their time to speak and by allowing them that opportunity (which often no one has before) they may very well share things they’ve never shared before revealing their pain  and what’s keeping them up at night.

4 – What do they desire?

Find out what they are looking for, what they actually want. What do they envision for themselves if their problem went away?

5 – Find the missing link

Ask what they think would be valuable in the next 90-days so they can outline their own solution. By doing so they are basically telling themselves what they need to do – they are essentially pre-selling themselves for your services!

6 – Present your offer

Summarize what you’ve heard them say about these 5 categories and then offer the solution you have that fits for what they’ve clearly defined as their ideal solution. You can have one offer but be able to describe it in different ways or you can have more than one that you can draw on to present based on this exercise.


Remember, empathy and listening are key skills you can develop and having a flow to take people through when on sales calls will make the difference between wondering if they will buy and getting a commitment on the phone.

When you are able to have these kinds of conversations you are able to eliminate people that are not the right fit to work with you and you are able to move the people that are ready for your solution into an action taking step.

Lastly, before all of this can be successful make sure you have a clearly outlined framework for your process so you can easily and clearly explain what you do to transform their lives. That, however, is a topic for another blog 😉