Your brick and mortar practice is thriving, you’re busy all day seeing clients or patients back to back but ultimately you’re still just trading time for dollars. You want to serve everyone, and do it right but you only have so many hours in the day to be present and keep up with demand.

Or you could be new to the game, just starting out with limited clients or online presence.

Either way, relying on one income steam can only get you so far – it’s time to incorporate multiple revenue streams! 

The world has gone virtual, we’re online more than ever before so why not take advantage. A functional approach nowadays combines your brick and mortar practice and online presence to reach new clients and patients, sell more, impact your community and make money while doing it!

Here are three revenue streams you should explore to save you time and energy but add more dollars in your pocket!

Virtual Health Programs

You can save time and serve more by providing new and exciting offers on an ongoing basis using personalized virtual health programs. 

Consider your niche and what your clients might need or want more guidance with (immune support, weight loss support, stress management support, etc)

These can be aimed at new or even existing patients – it’s a new offer after all!

Set out a time frame for your programs. They can be short term (7 days) or long term (28 days+) to help your clients kick start their wellness routines.

But how is this a revenue stream?

Well, you can choose to offer your programs for free as a glimpse into your practice for new clients or patients and utilize supplement sales (more on that below) or they can be paid programs as an added service with accountability outside of sessions. The beauty is you set it up once, and it can serve multiple clients or patients all in the virtual space.

Group Programs

Serving more for less of an investment and guiding people through the essential pillars of lifestyle transformation while enacting a sense of belonging and being a part of something bigger than themselves. Run these group programs a few times a year and transform more lives at once while reducing your time commitment. Hint, have a start and end date and get clear one what the client’s journey will be. You can move qualified group participants into one-on-one care afterwards and know that they will not only be ideal but already more educated about what is required to be healthy long term.

Supplement Sales

Supplement sales generate revenue while supporting your patients on their journey and most practitioners are not taking advantage of this revenue stream. There are a few things to note here, creating loyalty, repeat sales and confidence with your available supplements are key to engaging buyers more than once. Private label can also really help you stand out from the crowd – how cool is having your name on supplements?! 

Utilize private label supplement sales in your brick and mortar practice and through your online health programs to give your clients everything they need to get started. Your all-in-one program offering can include your recommended supplements saving them the hassle of having to go out and find them on their own.

Let’s face it, time is your most precious asset and if you never get away from the hamster wheel of charging for your hourly time…it’s hard to grow, to scale your revenue and to feel confident that you won’t burn out.

Want to book a call to discuss moving from one to many with your revenue streams?