When it comes to marketing for your practice and levelling up your online presence having the right tech tools can make or break your productivity and how professional you look online.

I get asked all the time what our must-have tech tools are so I wanted to break down the apps and programs that make marketing online, creating content, and staying organized so much easier on me, and my team and saves us so much time!


Our Top 10 Favourite Tech Tools



When it comes to project management Asana is your best friend. This app is built for project management to help you stay on top of tasks as well as collaborate with your team. You can create project timelines, and individual tasks, and tag team members to discuss details of each project all within one space and without the constant emailing back and forth. You can also share links and attachments (including media) under specific tasks. My favourite thing about Asana is how simple the functions are and how the app is minimally designed so you can easily see where everything is. Some team members may like a calendar view, a list, or by the project. The app works on desktop and mobile and is FREE! Depending on how large your team is you may have to upgrade to Premium for $10.99/month or Business for $24.99.


Active Campaign

Active Campaign is the #1 customer experience automation platform. While this platform provides more than just emails, it is my personal favourite for sending out my branded email campaigns. Their system is extremely user-friendly and their drag and drop email designer is so easy to edit and adjust your emails to your brand. Another great feature is their reports and analytics which lets you see which emails are being opened and viewed the most and which are giving you the most conversion. Therefore, you will know when to change things up! Plus if you want to set up SMS campaigns, this tool can help with that also. Best part is, it’s cost effective (one caveat, for our ecommerce customers I use something else).

You can choose the lite plan for getting started…and yes this means you- free mail chimp user 😉



When it comes to scheduling your social media posts Later is it! Later is a social media scheduling app designed to help you save time and also analyze how your content performs on each app. You can start using Later for Free with one set of channels that include 10 posts per channel per month. For example Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. 

When you go to schedule your content in their calendar view you’re able to preview by week or month as well as a grid feed to make sure your content is cohesive. If I’m being honest it’s designed for Instagram where your feed design is more relevant but can easily schedule to Facebook too. Their calendar view is great because you can easily drag and drop your posts without having to reenter your graphics/images or copy. They have fantastic additional features such as Linkin.bio, first comment, saved captions, hashtag suggestions, add a location, account tags, edit images within the app, have a media library to upload additional media, and analytics to review how your content is performing! You can even set up (on a paid plan) your Instagram and TikTok messaging under their conversations feature.

The main reason I love using Later, aside from their incredible functionality and endless features, is the company runs an educational side where they share blog posts and YouTube videos on their own social channels as well as hold annual conferences that are ALL surrounding social media marketing and the newest trends, tips and how-tos. You can’t go wrong with this app!



Present your talks, meetings, and programs like a professional with beautiful.ai. This program is built to make your presentations look beautiful, professional, and on-brand! Their easy functions are guaranteed to save you time as opposed to creating slideshows in Keynote or PowerPoint. It’s also extremely easy to share your presentation to other collaborators via an email invite, shareable link, embed code, or social media. There is a free 14-day trial and then the monthly payment plan that is only $15/month. You can opt for the premium plan which includes features such as unlimited presentations, advanced analytics, and real-time collaboration where you can make comments and edits in real-time on slides as another collaborator. You can also import your own fonts and customize colour palettes to stay on brand. It’s my go-to for creating seamless presentations and sharing information in a professional, branded way and they make it so easy to use. Think of this as Canva but for presentations!



InShot is a must in a world where video content is king. It’s by far the easiest video editing app I’ve tried and you truly can do almost anything within the app. It will let you upload a video or photo and from there you can cut, drag and drop, resize, speed up, slow down, split, reverse, add stickers or text, music, and a wide variety of filters and effects. The app offers a range of fonts to choose from but you can also import your own branded fonts. Another great feature is the ability to record a voice-over right from the app and export your videos in high-quality format! The opportunities on this app are endless. If you’re looking to level up your Reels and TikToks I suggest downloading InShot asap!



Canva is a non-graphic designer’s best friend and a must for anyone creating content. It truly is such a game-changer and saves me so much time. Canva is extremely easy to use, everything is drag and drop, and it has a snap feature so that everything you do can be aligned properly on your graphic. Canva offers a massive library of fonts, graphics, images, videos, stickers, and GIFs and you can upload your own logos/branded material to insert into your photos/videos.

You can pay for their pro account which offers more access to their library as well as exporting content with transparent backgrounds, or removing the background from an image. You can also upload your own fonts and create brand palettes and kits to keep things organized. 

Canva also has an endless variety of document sizes so you can create not just social media content but email campaigns, email signatures, posters, flyers, contracts, invitations, and more and all can be electronic or for print! You can easily share your files via email or a link to collaborate with your team or patients. If you feel like your graphics are lacking something and you want to bring your brand to life, I cannot recommend Canva enough!


Click Funnels

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder that lets you create seamless sales funnels that will convert your visitors into leads and then patients! If you’re unfamiliar with what a sales funnel is, picture someone visiting your clinic in person for the first time and all the various touch points you have with them before they sign on to be your patient. Each of those touchpoints is crucial in getting that “sale” and that is exactly what a sales funnel is but it’s all done virtually. ClickFunnels is a program to help you set your website and email campaigns up for success and get the conversion from visitor to the patient and all your necessary online forms and software are all in one space. It provides you tools and strategies with a simple drag and drop webpage editor that lets you easily obtain your visitor’s contact information so you can stay in touch. ClickFunnels is essential to not only get your information into your patient’s hands but also to sell your programs and products! Bonus! ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial to test them out.


Google Drive

Google Drive is the best place to keep all of your important things safe and in one place online. Google Drive lets you share and store your files, create documents and spreadsheets, images, videos, and more all in one place where you can have your team access individual files/folders and make edits. Nowadays everything is done digitally and keeping things on hard drives is great for backup but keeping things in the online space stored where you can access from any device, anywhere, is a must! (Especially if that hard drive goes missing one day!). Google Drive is also awesome. You can edit documents live and it auto-saves…never lose a doc again…plus easily share with others!



Vimeo is the one platform for all your video needs. It’s the leading app for video hosting and if you aren’t already using it I’m sure you’ve watched many videos or live streams on it. It’s very clear that video content is taking over and as a health professional you want your content to be on brand and as high quality as possible. Vimeo lets you create beautiful videos and professional quality live streaming. You can host all of your content in one secure location and you’re able to share and collaborate with patients or team members of your practice. You can also host programs via Vimeo where you can create a subscription-based service for your content. They offer a 30-day free trial and I highly recommend giving it a shot if you haven’t done so already.



Every professional needs an online system to easily book appointments or calls and Calendly is the best extension for that. You can schedule your meetings, appointments, zoom calls, and consultations professionally without the hassle of back and forth emails. It’s as simple as inputting your available days/hours, sharing your link, or embedding it on your website, and then your patients can view the calendar online and book their appointment! The event date is then added to both calendars and will send email confirmations and reminders. If it’s a zoom call you can also include your zoom link. Your patients also have the option to reschedule based on the time limits you provide. Calendly is such a game-changer when it comes to saving time and removes the hassle of back and forth with your patient on finding a time that works best for both of you. It eliminates all that communication on both ends through automated reminders and follow-ups and all you have to do is check your calendar and show up. The best part about it is you can add this to your website using an embedded code no matter the website provider.


One of the most important things you can do as a practitioner is find ways to work smarter not harder and these tech tools are there to do just that. They help save you time and stay organized all while looking professional and on-brand. It will get you back to doing what you love, which is helping people and providing your care. Now that you’ve read my top 10 favourite tech tools, apps, and extensions that provide me with efficient ways to keep my business productive, professional, and organized, which one are you going to try? 

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