Summary: Most doctors that are treating patients with Integrative, Functional and Naturopathic medicine need to implement scalable practice management systems in order to grow the practice without burning out.

Strategy and focus are the first steps in practice management

In speaking with practitioners all the time, the most common underlying trend is that, while feeling very confident in the way you can change lives with your knowledge, tools and clinical experience, when treating everybody in a customized way…you admit to feeling burnt out and cannot scale your practice.  Getting stuck in what I call “the weeds” of your practice is essentially the daily life of showing up, seeing patients, leaving and doing it all again the next day! This leaves no time, and likely no energy to be strategically focusing on growing your practice. It’s this strategic focus that will allow for a clear path, a valuable plan and a goal to measure your success by and big hint, it’s not just about money, the goal can be anything that you decide is a worthy accomplishment for the life you want. Creating a practice by design will allow you to open your mind to the endless possibilities awaiting you!

Practice Management is not just for big clinics.

In order to build any successful business, there must be a few key things in place.

  1. The right infrastructure
  2.  A solid understanding of the ideal client,
  3.  An offering(s) that correlate to the needs to the ideal client.
  4.  A focused plan on how to attract the ideal client into your infrastructure so you can fill the existing need.

That is business basics 101 but yet, in the natural medicine industry,  practitioners tend to forget or lose sight of these crucial elements needed for success.

Referrals are the mainstay of any business…until they no longer represent your ideal patient and the direction you want from your ideal practice.

I have enough business from referrals!

Yes, referrals are great and they can definitely build up a practice without a doubt, but are you building a practice with intention or just by chance as you’ve hung your sign out and are open for business to whoever may need your services. This is the common scenario and its completely acceptable when you first start out, because you need the experience so you can hone in on understanding your client, their needs and your offering in relation to that. However, if you don’t have a plan from the beginning you can get stuck in a practice you have, busy and fully booked…but not a practice by design that you actually love.

Practice management is not just for big clinics. The principles can be applied to small practices that are ready to set themselves up for success and still do what you love, heal people and transform lives like the expert that you are!

Can you design your practice and make the changes required to scale by yourself?

Sure, why not. Creating the space to plan, strategize and build goals doesn’t have to be reserved for CEOs of large operations. You can take a day or two and step outside of your practice with your CEO hat on and start looking at things from a different perspective. When I run training and goal setting workshops, I break down the basic fundamentals and challenge you, the practitioner to start designing your ideal practice. We talk about goal setting, setting up scalable programs targeted at ideal patients, plugging the holes in your current practice that are draining your resources. As well as, understanding what you need from new patients, how to keep existing patients coming back and how to be aligned with your goals mentally so you can stop with the limiting beliefs, stand up as an expert, work with the people you want to help and make more money doing it.

The results from this workshop provide such clarity on how to treat the practice like a scalable business that is designed to grow, help more people AND make more money!

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