Are you a Natural health practitioner looking for effective, leading edge marketing strategies to grow your practice, from people that get exactly what you do?

You are in the right place.

Patient Acquisition has changed…

has your practice changed with it?


Building your practice now is all about having the right foundation for the patient’s journey, online.   Our Ideal Practice Blueprint is the solution that all Natural medicine practices need in order to grow!

If you aren’t standing out as an expert online, connecting and nurturing potential patients with valuable information that they are looking for and helping them with their problems before they come to see you, you are doing it wrong and leaving a lot of money on the table. Book a free discovery session to see if the Ideal Practice Blueprint is right for you.

Why Choose The Ideal Practice Blueprint?

Our 3 step system allows for consistency, lead generation and automated conversations all while building your expert brand.

And.. it is all done for you.

Build awareness by building your audience and generate fans

Build connection by nurturing your audience

Build trust by delivering value and standing out as an expert

Why Are We The Right Fit?

FREE Blog Posts & Social Media Graphics

This download includes some graphics and a professionally researched and copy written full article that was made with your business and your patients in mind. Copy and paste it into your newsletter, email it on its own to your list, add it to your blog, print it out and out in your office, put the graphics up on your Facebook page, whatever you’d like…it’s all yours!

What Some of our Customers are Saying!

Brandy’s strategy and experience in the Integrative Health industry really allowed us to create a focused plan, attract our ideal clients and build new verticals for our business that generated multiple 6 figures! She is really ahead of the curve and we have become fast friends!
Ehab Mekhail BS.c

Compounding Pharmacist

For me it was amazing to find someone who both understands natural medicine, the entire industry, the wants and needs of the customers and how to create a profitable practice. Let’s face it, business isn’t my forte, medicine is! Brandy has been key in all aspects of my practice and I’m so thankful she found me!
Dr. Andrew W.


Brandy’s social media strategy, focused plan for lead capture and brand awareness really helped us to get organized, have measurable indicators of success and know where to put our efforts. She knows the medicine, she understands the doctors and is on top of the latest in marketing.
Elena Fastro

Director of Operations

The Ideal Patient monthly marketing program has been one of the best marketing investments I have made for my practice. It has helped me to be consistent with my social media presence and has helped me to better manage my time. The content is so well written and is doing a great job at increasing trust in my brand!

Dr. Wendy Davis

Naturopathic Doctor

From Digital Courses to membership sites to online marketing, Brandy brings not only knowledge and skill to the table, she is also super passionate about exponentially growing awareness to natural medicine. She is a rare find!
Eric Marsden

Naturopathic Dr

Brandy Kinnear and her team redesigned my website and I couldn’t be more pleased! They were super responsive through the entire process and all my questions big or  small were dealt with promptly and professionally. It was a pleasure to work with professionals that excel in their craft. Brandy truly is a digital marketing guru and I highly recommend her to any health professional wanting to advance their online presence.

Dr. Patrick Bartosyhk

Naturopathic Dr

How Healthy Is Your Online Presence?

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