Supplement Fast Track Program

Add thousands of dollars of PROFIT every month with your own line of Private Labelled Professional Grade Supplements. From inception to Launch in 60 days our Fast Track Program does it all. Let us help you choose the right products, names, label design, e-commerce store build out, marketing assets and sales training.  Have an additional revenue stream that doesn’t trade time for money but rather focuses on better patient results plus monthly recurring sales!

Brandy Kinnear

Strategic Marketing Consulting for Brands or Companies

Trying to get more traction using online marketing can be tricky when you don’t have a bird’s eye view of the entire strategy. Whether you have a team or need everything from Strategic marketing planning to implementation, we can help you get clear on what your digital marketing plan needs to look like to attract, nurture and convert more clients, online. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve with digital marketing and bringing the latest stratgeies to our clients. No cookie cutter marketing here, every business has different strengths and weaknesses and we help you get clear on what you need to be doing to be part of the digital marketing curve for greater success!

Done-For-You Monthly Marketing Content 

Tired of trying to figure out social media? No time to write blog articles, get emails out to your patient list regularly? Not standing out as an expert, not visible so people can get to know, like and trust you? Done-for-you monthly marketing covers all the bases and takes the work off your list (so it actually gets done!)

Your Own Online Virtual Health Program

 Make money online and enhance patient care with a Done-For-You Virtual health program. Stop wondering about how to create a program, all the tech, what to teach and how to monetize it! We do it all for you including a complete launch plan and everything you need to make it successful in 7 business days!

Patient Attraction Accelerator

Overwhelmed with trying to understand the best way to grow your practice using online marketing? Want to feel empowered with your marketing and be able to do it yourself or give over to your team to do? This online self guided program will break down what you need to know about attracting ideal patients, messaging, content creation and how to use each of the available platforms to successfully market your business. Use Instagram, Facebook, email marketing, Get found on Google, Pinterest, Linked in and more!

Brandy Kinnear


Are you exhausted, feeling burnt out and working hard everyday seeing patients without a real plan for your practice? Creating your Practice by Design will take you through all the steps you need to have a solid foundation, a clear focused plan and accountability so you can strategically reach your financial goals! I take a limited amount of go-getter practitioners a year that want one-on-one coaching to take their business to the next level.

Complete Digital

Marketing Agency

We infuse business strategy with every marketing tool we offer. With 15 years of experience in the Natural Health Industry, we have the unique perspective of what works and what doesn’t. Staying on the leading edge of trends is our thing! Whether you need Facebook ads, SEO, Google Ads, Pinterest, Tik Tok Strategy, Social Media Growth, Lead Magnets, Funnels and more…we have a specialist on our team that can help!

marketing for chiropractors

Let’s Connect

My clients are leaders in their fields and I get excited helping them take their business to the next level! Let’s chat and discuss where you are in your business, discuss your needs and formulate a plan to accomplish those goals together. Let’s get to know each other and where we can help.