As a supplement-selling ninja, I’ve come to realize that most people are ignoring or falling short on a market that literally needs help, is looking for it and has money to spend. Seniors!!! A highly sought-after market segment with their own distinct set of preferences and quirks. With their growing numbers and proportion to the overall population, this group holds significant sway in the U.S. market. While some marketing tactics may work for other demographics, it’s crucial to understand that seniors have their own set of values and needs. 

When it comes to shopping and media consumption, seniors have a different approach compared to younger consumers. They have more leisure time to devote to these activities and tend to prioritize products and services that cater to their unique requirements. In the case of supplements, older adults seek out specific formats and ingredients that address common areas of concern associated with aging, such as joint health, bone health, brain and heart health. So how can you engage and resonate with this demographic? Glad you asked!! Let me share my top tips.


Understand Their Needs

Let’s talk about reaching those kick ass baby boomers in a way that will really get them excited. One thing to keep in mind is that seniors might be dealing with different health issues than younger generations. If you’re selling a product that promotes health or wellness, make sure to focus on ingredients and formats that are more appealing to them. For example, they might be more interested in supplements that promote bone health or cognitive function, rather than flashy protein powders or energy drinks.

Another thing to consider is which media channels seniors prefer. While younger folks might be glued to their phones and social media, older generations might be more likely to read the newspaper or watch television or heck even listen to the radio! I will however say there is one social platform they are hanging out on…yup you guessed it Facebook! 


Educate Your Consumer

When it comes to introducing new supplements into their routine, seniors are likely to be a bit more cautious when it comes to jumping on the latest bandwagon, unlike their young counterparts. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still all about the classics like vitamin D and probiotics. But newer, trendy ingredients like adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms might raise an eyebrow or two. Maybe they’re worried about side effects or interactions with their other meds. Or perhaps they’re just not familiar with these newfangled supplements. 

If you want to win over the senior market, you need to meet them where they are. Keep the trends at bay and focus on their core health issues. And don’t forget to share success stories from other seniors who’ve been able to feel better with these new supplements. It’s all about building trust and loyalty with older consumers, which will lead to increased sales and long-term success.


Consider Their Taste Buds

As we age, our taste buds and dietary habits might start to veer off into different directions – especially when it comes to taking supplements. For the older crowd, pill formats like capsules and tablets are tried-and-true staples that fit seamlessly into their routine. Gummies and other chewy supplements that younger folks rave about may not be as appealing to the senior set. But it’s not just format that’s important – flavor preferences also come into play. While younger consumers may go crazy for fruity and sweet flavors, older supplement fans tend to crave more indulgent flavors and textures like chocolate, peanut butter, and caramel.

That’s why supplement brands need to get in on the flavor and format game. By catering to the unique preferences of the older crowd, brands can position themselves as the trusted choice for this demographic. And who knows? Offering a variety of formats and flavors might just win over some younger consumers looking for a break from the same old pill routine.


Speak Their Language 

If you want to connect to the aging population you need to understand what makes them tick. These seasoned citizens prefer messages that are short, sweet, and to the point. That means avoiding complicated lingo and technical jargon that might leave them scratching their heads. Instead, keep it relatable and provide concrete examples of how your supplement can improve their health. By speaking their language, you’ll build trust and connect with this important demographic in a meaningful way. 


Don’t Count Them Out

How can you reach a new audience that you may not be serving? Valid question. What if the ones that helped them make decisions were their kids, which you likely serve. Maybe a Boomer bundle targeted at joints, brain and cardiovascular health or something as simple as a multi, an omega and a magnesium?

I could make bundles all day long that can help with a variety of different health concerns but we already know what this demographic is buying, remember to meet them where they are and offer a higher quality product.


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