TikTok is the world’s newest leading destination for short-form videos. It’s easier to go viral, get more followers, views, and engagement right now on TikTok than on any other social platform. This is because TikTok is still fairly new and a platform that’s highly accepted by all ages. We still have in the back of our mind that TikTok is for kids or teenagers, but the truth is that more and more adults are joining the platform daily.

As a healthcare provider, it’s a great place to share your knowledge, reach a different audience, and connect and engage with your existing community through relatable content. Let’s look a little bit deeper into what that means for you…


Why TikTok can be Beneficial to You and Your Practice


Share Your Knowledge

For providers who want to educate and share their expertise, TikTok is perfect. Through short-form videos, you can share facts and tips, best practices, lifestyle content, breaking myths, and misinformation, and more! It’s also a great place to ask your audience what they want to learn more about so you can speak to them quickly and directly. You can establish your authority in your field and no website or online content is needed.

Reach a Different Audience

TikTok has 800 million monthly users worldwide. It’s a great place for you to develop a professional network and reach a new clientele. While it’s not necessarily as localized as other platforms, the content usually starts locally and slowly goes global. Therefore, you still can achieve a local audience. It’s important to note that users will age with the platform as time goes by. The young adults who are using the platform today will continue using it five years from now. You can also use your profile to share your links, which your audience can use to book appointments, visit your website or join your email list. 

Post Relatable Content

TikTok users are there for entertainment, creativity, and discovery. You can be creative and share things like, what happens behind the scenes or a day in the life of a healthcare professional. Things the usual patient doesn’t see on a day-to-day basis. You’re able to connect on a deeper level with your audience and for people to see the human side of you.

Bonus! The app provides you with everything you need to create content. You have filters, soundtracks, speed adjustments, and more, all of which are within the app without having to purchase any additional equipment.


Top Tips for Going Viral on TikTok 

  • Spend some time researching what the app is all about. Get familiar with the features, plan and practice your video ideas before posting. Remember, if one video doesn’t go viral don’t stress it – it’s a learning curve! Besides, content on TikTok is evergreen. Unlike Facebook or Instagram where you post something today, and that post quickly becomes obsolete within hours or a day. On Tik Tok, that content is circulating and can get picked up months later.
  • Jump on new trends quickly by searching through the Explore page and For You Page (videos recommended to you by the algorithm). Be creative and see if the trend can match your expertise and niche. Be sure to use trending songs and hashtags as well – much like Instagram, hashtags on TikTok are a search feature. 
  • Speaking of the algorithm, you want your ideal client/audience to find and follow you. So, just like your practice, stick to a niche. For example, if you specialize in gut health share your top tips for good digestion, food myths and facts, speak on hot topics or recent studies – you’ll be reaching your ideal audience in no time!
  • Post often. Just like with other social media platforms, you need to have somewhat of a content strategy in mind. Start with a few times a week and work your way up to once a day. 
  • Be authentic. On TikTok authenticity comes before all else. One could argue that this is truly what makes the platform more exciting to use than Instagram since aesthetic isn’t everything and people just want to see the real you! Share your personality, expertise and engage with your audience by posting reply videos (an easy way to post daily).
  • Pro tip. If a video didn’t do as well as you thought it would, don’t delete it. Leave it alone…TikTok can get funny about deleting videos and reduce your views for your next ones.

Here are some great examples of viral practitioner accounts:

You can grow your online presence as an overscale effect from TikTok. If you are sharing your content and growing on the platform, people will want more from you. This will translate to different platforms, website visits, subscribing to your email list which may lead to booking more calls, new patients and more exposure for the expert practitioner you are!

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