What is Clubhouse

There is a lot of buzz about Clubhouse that comes with equally the same amount of questions! What the heck is it, how do you use it, what can it do for my business, how can I monetize time spent on it…and the list goes on.

I’ve been chatting with tons of people about this new platform and thought I’d share what I’ve learned to help you understand it and use it better!

So here goes…It’s an audio only new social media app that is currently in beta stage but gaining popularity fast. It’s accessible by invite only so you need to go and reserve your user name by downloading the Clubhouse App. At this point it’s Apple only so you need an Iphone or Ipad to use it. 

Signing up allows access to your contacts on your phone so if someone that is already in has your info on their phone (name and number) they can get notified about you being on the waitlist and let you in. Otherwise you need to find someone that is in that can send you an invite

Getting Started 

Once you are in you will be in the hallway. You will see there are a variety of rooms going on at any given time on a wide range of topics. You can join any one room at a time. You will be on mute and can listen to the moderators of the group sharing their knowledge. Some serious knowledge bombs have been going down here over the last couple of weeks. Raise your hand by clicking in the hand icon to ask a question, the moderator may select you and bring you to the stage. Stay muted until its your time to talk

You can also click on the calendar and see what rooms are schedule up so you can join those by adding to your calendar

You can also search for people that you may know by typing their name in the upper left + search function. So find your people, your icons (think big, Oprah was in here a couple weeks ago as are many music artists and billionaire entrepreneurs). You can also search by keyword.

How to Run Your Own Clubhouse Room:

You can start your own discussion by creating a room, schedule it up and make sure you choose a catchy title! I suggest scheduling it within a short time of setting it up (not a week away). Another scheduling tip is take a peak and see when people are using it most. I see a lot of attendees on morning coffee chats and in the evening but rooms go on all day long.

Promote your scheduled event by using your facebook or Instagram to let people know you are on CH and are hosting a talk. There are a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs on this platform. The attendees might surprise you with their level of success (high quality attendees).

You can invite people that follow you to join your room right on the platform, you can also invite other people to join you as a moderator to help you manage the room. Moderators should be asked to invite their followers as well. You can ping (invite) people that are on the platform while you are on live during your event.

Your goal is to get as many people that you can into your room. Clubhouse will show your room to other random people on the platform in the hallway. We aren’t sure yet what the algorithm is but getting in early is key before it becomes more saturated and your room is harder to be found organically.

Moderating your room:

So you’ve started a room and want to have a kick ass conversation. You are considered a Moderator. The Moderator’s job is to make sure the flow of the room is strong. You should be introducing yourself throughout the conversation as new people will join and should know who you are, what you do and why you started this room. Welcome newcomers throughout your chat so people feel seen.

The moderator is also able to bring people from the audience on stage to share. Ask leading questions. Ask people in the audience regularly if they have a question specific to their business/health etc… You get to decide how you suggest the newest speakers introduce themselves. I recommend telling them to simply ask their question to keep the flow of the room and not lose attendees. (no one wants to hear a lengthy story when a conversation is in a good flow).

Remember to listen and not only speak as this platform is about collaboration. You will be surprised what type of relationships you can build in these rooms. Be vulnerable about what you need help with and you are likely to find a solution by using the collaborative minds in the group even if you are the moderator and leading the room.

Also, remember to tell other speakers on the panel people to mute their mic if they are not speaking (you can do it for them) but also make sure no one is dominating the conversation and not giving others a chance to speak. Think of this as a live event you are running and people will only stay if the conversation is valuable and  collaborative.

Don’t be surprised if your room lasts for hours! You can give another moderator the control if you need to leave and go to bed and the room is still going strong. 

Pro Tips, have a lead magnet you can send people to, encourage DMs on Instagram for people that want to keep the convo going. Also remind people to click on the panel and follow the speakers, make your fellow moderators feel valued.

Note: there is not a chat function on the app.

Behaviour on Clubhouse:

Encourage attendees to hit the mute button multiple times to give the speakers a clap.

New users to Clubhouse are identified by a birthday hat icon.

People can leave and join at any time. 

Ban anyone that is trolling and report them

Do not make a fake blue star on your profile pic, blue stars are only given by CH and will get you banned.

Notifications: If you turn off your notifications you will have way less notifications on your phone but you may also miss key invites to join rooms that may be of interest as well as perhaps other people asking you to join a room to speak. If you choose to turn off notifications, when a moderator hosting a room wants to invite you…they will have to text you the link (most won’t) You can click on settings to change the frequency of notifications you receive,

Also, you start a club that people can join-  click here to request to start your own club 

Your Clubhouse Profile:

Make sure your profile highlights accolades but also your likes and link to your lead generation, website, twitter and IG profiles.

Choose an image that stands out. Some people are using a colourful circle around their image before uploading it to stand out but please pick a good image (might I even suggest the same on you use across all your social channels)

Clubhouse allows you to link your IG and twitter to your profile page. You can change it at anytime.

Pro Tip: Use notes on your phone to create proper spacing then copy and paste it to your profile in Clubhouse. Use emoji’s, they matter here 😉

Keywords on your bio help the search so use them. Make sure you include things you would want to be found by for business and other interests- chiropractor, functional medicine, Dr/ doctor, Naturopath, hormone expert, fertility, Cross fit, mom, dog lover etc..

Pro tip: If you don’t have a website that you can send people to that will allow easy access to connect with you, you can use a tool like https://sociatap.com/ that will allow you a loading page with all of your links in one clean place.

What it Can do for Your Business:

Relationship building and networking is so accessible with this platform it’s truly amazing! Go into any room with an open mind to learn and connect with people that have solutions for your issues.

Run rooms to stand out as an expert and gain followers. Have a plan to move these followers into chats on Instagram, text etc…

Promote Your events not on CH- use CH to announce your live events, webinar, masterclass coming up.

Use giveaways to drive more followers to your Instagram or to your lead magnets.

Build followers and find partnerships, joint ventures, get speaking opportunities on podcasts, collaborate and share audiences. This is relationship marketing at its finest!

Any questions about Clubhouse, feel free to send me a dm on instagram @youridealpatients

Want to hang out together on CH, follow me @brandykinnear Always open to collaborations! Wellness biz, marketing, entrepreneurship, spirituality- Let’s run a room together- reach out.