How to Add Story to Your Marketing and Get Better Results

So here’s the main point: Patients need to connect and resonate with you. And you can use stories to make those connections.

Now that we have so much online access to information and to people, we all want to know more about everything we are considering purchasing. Of course, your potential patients are no different. Story based Marketing starts a 2-way conversation with your potential patient which builds connection and trust.

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The Four Key Ways to Grow Your Practice

The most important thing any practitioner, clinic owner, business owner in general needs to realize is that there are four principal ways to grow any business. Once you learn how to apply these simple concepts, believe me, your practice will be sustainable, scalable...

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Where do I start with online marketing for my practice?

Are you unclear on how social media can make you more visible to potential patients, allow you to help more people, book more appointments, and make more money?  If you’re frustrated by trying to figure out where to start with your social media, you are NOT alone! I...

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